Center of Human Development

Email:, 218-935-5403, Mahnomen, Minnesota

About Us

The Center of Human Environment is a non-profit organization which exists to provide a protected environment that is a safe, sober home for chronic chemically dependent persons. The majority of people who come to the Center have no other place to go. In most cases the residents’ family members have given up hope of them ever staying sober and are no longer a part of their lives. The Center takes them in, provides a safe, clean home for them, and in most instances becomes their family.

The Center of Human Environment

The Center of Human Environment has been in existence since 1977 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization to provide a "protected environment" for the chronic chemically dependent persons who may have physical and/or mental disabilities. The initial start-up for the facility was possible through dedicated volunteer work of individuals serving on the Mahnomen che County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, along with a grant through Northwest Mental Health Center, Crookston, Minnesota.

From its humble beginnings as a 9 bed facility at “the ranch” to the amazing 28 bed facility to which it has evolved, the serene country location where the Center now resides was purchased in 2003 and the building was constructed. We have a mission here that we truly believe in.There is so much that we have to offer, we simply are not just another facility. While we would enjoy nothing more than having our residents recover and move on to a life beyond the Center that is not always the case. cheWe have several residents that have been with us for many years and will probably remain here for as long as they are able to function without extreme care. We take great pride in being family which is precisely why we have many long term residents at the Center.

Residents are men and women with chronic alcoholism, developmental disabilities, and serious and persistent mental illnesses. The Center welcomes long and short term residency.

The Center of Human Environment is a licensed board and lodge facility, not a treatment program. When residents are people with chronic chemical dependency, the AA philosophy is utilized.

No alcoholic or other non-prescribed drugs are allowed on the premises.

The Center is operated in accordance with U.S. Dept. of Agriculture policy, which does not permit discrimination because of race, color, age, sex, handicap, or national origin.

Sources of payment include self-pay, county Social Service, GRH, SS, SSI, and VA. Please call for rates.

CHE offers:

  • A serene, sober country home for adults needing a semi-structured, semi-independent living environment with supportive services.
  • Screening, individual care planning, set up and monitoring of medications by a registered nurse.
  • Personal hygiene assistance by home health aids.
  • Wheelchair and handicapped accessibility.
  • Laundry and housekeeping assistance.
  • Transportation by van to medical appointments, shopping, and recreational activities.
  • AA meetings upon request.
  • Satellite TV installed in every room.
  • Availability of mental health services and County Veterans Service Officer.
  • Various recreational activities, including gardening, fishing, horseshoes, card playing, trips, and tv watching. Family, friends, and community groups are welcome.